Getting To Know Us


Bridging the Gap between Technology and Process

Ranjit Garments (Mfg) Pte Limited is a family owned company established in 1984. We have served the greater South Pacific community for the past 33 years and remain just as committed to quality manufacturing and service as our forefathers before us.

We are primarily a uniform supplier with a single-minded purpose and vision to be the premier supplier of PPC (Personal Protective Clothing) and uniforms in the Pan Pacific region and beyond.

As we readily expand beyond Australia, New Zealand and the Oceania boundaries, we also continue to expand our service offerings to complete that desired vision.

We manufacture a wide variety of garments in the following categories:

  • Corporate Wear
  • Food Industry and Hospitality Wear
  • Industrial Wear and Protective Clothing
  • School Wear
  • Casual Clothing

It is this passion for exceeding expectations that has brought us to our current level of success today. A passion integrated with a pledge to deliver ‘reliability’ along every path we follow, from concept to design to production on through to delivery.