Got A Question?

  1. Why choose Ranjit Garments (Mfg) Pte Limited?
    • Excellent quality with reliable, prompt service at highly competitive prices.
    • Your fully developed garments to be manufactured in an impressive, timely fashion.
    • Reasonable minimum order quantities with relatively short lead times through our versatile assembly lines especially engineered for this purpose.
  1. What is your manufacturing capacity?
    • We are able to produce a capacity of 10-15,000 pieces per week across all our production. You also have the opportunity to select between full garment supply or CMT… we can even offer both!
  1. How can I receive my completed garments?
    • We can deliver your products to any local or overseas destination either through sea freight, air or courier.
  1. How long have you been in production?
    • RGMPL has been in operation since 1984.
  1. What is your lead time?
    • Our normal lead time for delivery of finished goods from date of placement of order is normally around 4-6 weeks. This is however, dependant on the availability of all raw materials and approved samples.
  1. What is your minimum order quantity?
    • 100 pieces is the MOQ for the first order.
    • Minimum quantities can be managed at agreed quantities from the second order and this will be based on the ongoing manufacturing plan with each customer.
    • On the same note, our pricing structure does recognise the relevant quantities and keeps providing you with added benefits as you provide a higher quantity order.
  1. Do you have a product development team to assist us with any styles or products that we may require?
    • Yes, we have fully dedicated product development team as well as a Technical department to assist you with any requirements that you may have whether it is from sourcing fabric, trims or accessories to assisting you in developing a range of garments.